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Week 19 – 52 Card PU Art

Still running behind in my “weekly” art, but here is another mini painting.  It’s a sunset, or a sunrise depending on your perspective. I’ve always been a fan of both sunrises and sunsets, although I admit I’ve seen a lot more sunsets!  

I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me.  Lots of art shows coming up and I’m really excited to be a part of them!  Next week, June 8th-11 will be the Longmont Artists’ Guild Member’s Show & Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Over 40 artists will have their art displayed and for sale.  I’ll have a few of my favorite pieces there, Piggy Toes, Hunter’s Lunch, Chocolate Cow and Portland Pooches.  I will also have a bin with prints for sale as well.  I’ll post more photos next week after we set up the event!

Week 6 – 52 Card PickUP Art

This week’s card is very personal to me.  I’m cautious about discussing politics on my professional website, but this artwork reflects how I am currently feeling about the world and the USA today.  In general, I am a happy, hopeful person. However, this past week, the immigration issue has weighed heavily on my heart. I am scared about the direction my country is heading, but I am trying to remain hopeful and optimistic that we all will get through this.

The blackness is encroaching on the horizon. There is still more beauty in this world than darkness, I really believe that; and that is what this card represents.  The “orange” color is actually yellow and red blended together.  Yellow for peace and red for blood.  Because, regardless of where you were born, what religion you practice (or not), the color of your skin; we all bleed red.  But we all also have the capacity for peace within us.  Let’s push the darkness down and have more sunshine in our world.

Back from Vacation Central Coast of CA

Well, I’m back from vacation to the central coast of California.  This is where I grew up and I was actually back “home” for a high school reunion.  I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends while managing to get some sight seeing in. I haven’t quite figured out how to be a “traveling artist” yet. I always fall back on my old habit of taking photos. The next trip I have planned is in September; I do plan on bringing art supplies on this trip (it’s pretty local) and see what happens when I paint in plein air.

I admit it’s a little hard to be a tourist in a place you know so well. But I think I did a good job of it this time. I took my nice camera with me (olympus micro 2/3) and snapped a few pretty photos.  I’m not sure I’ll paint any of them, but here’s a little peek at my favorites.