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Catching Up!

A gift from Grandma Lee who painted my kitty Prissy in 1983.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. I feel bad that I fell off my 52card PU art. At this point in the year, I think I will just start planning to start again next year!

Coming up on October 19th, I’ll be the featured artist for Arts & Ales at Lefthand Brewing  from 6-8pm here in Longmont. I’ll have some of my pet portraits, greeting cards and other art available for purchase and I will be revealing my KITTY FACE 20×20 painting! Stop on by! I’d love to talk art with you while sipping a yummy beer from LeftHand!

I’ve been busy this summer working with the Longmont Artists’ Guild working at the Boulder County Fair where we were in charge of the art contest there, the Lyon’s Art on the River event at the end of August, Longmont ArtWalk in mid-September.

I’ve also been working with Lisa Larsen on our GYST (Get your S**T Together) workshops for creatives.  It’s been good for me to work on my own art business while coaching others to do the same! This project is in it’s infancy, but we both know it will grow and become something much bigger!  We’re looking for late 2018 early 2019. 

I’ve also been busy with my digital media business. I work for a real estate team doing their newsletter, website, social media and other marketing tasks.  I’ve been growing this business in the last month. Which is good, but leaves a little less time for art.

I’ve recently updated my “About Me” page which is a bio/artist statement about why I create. Check it out here! In case you didn’t already know, my mother and grandmother were oil painters too! Mom was more into landscapes and barns, while Grandma did landscapes, portraits, still life and animals! The picture above was a gift from her to me in 1983. It’s a portrait of my kitty Prissy.

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support you give me. Because of you, I can create and that means everything to me.

Plein Air experience

We just got back from a quick few days up in Estes Park, Colorado.  We rented a cabin and spent our days in Rocky Mountain National park.  My husband, being a photographer, enjoys getting up before the sun and watching the sunrise in the park, hopefully with Elk nearby.

The morning we went, there were no elk nearby.  I used my pastels to start a few sunrise pieces, but he was wanting to drive around the park so I didn’t get very far with them.  But that’s OK.  🙂

Later in the morning, about 8:30am we reached Bear Lake parking lot and managed to get a parking space.  Anyone who has visited knows this is a hard thing to do, it’s a very popular hiking spot. After we walked around the lake once, I decided that I did want to paint a pastel here.  We went back to the car, got my gear and I set up in a nice alcove with a bench.  What happened next was so much fun!

I had forgotten how much people love to watch artists in the “wild.” My husband went to another alcove to play with his new filter thingy on his camera (you’ll see an example below). Once he left me alone, tons of people stopped by to talk to me and watch me.  A number of them took a photo of me painting!  WHOA? I even had someone ask if I had a collection of these scenes to purchase…. derp!  It’s only my second pastel ever!   You can see my ego inflating here… I also had a number of people offer to buy THIS painting.  Wow.  I need to be better prepared next time!

I think the most memorable moments were when small children came to see what I was doing.  They were all very well behaved and didn’t touch the paints (that look a lot like chalk). They were fascinated by what I was doing and even when the parents were walking away they lingered and watched until mom called them.  I love kids and art.  Some things are absolutely timeless.

So I have not finished the painting…yet.  I need to spray fix it before I can do the final touches.  Hubby did take one photo of me while painting at the lake using his cool filter that flattens out water by using a long exposure.  This is why I’m so dark and blurry.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the angle that I was painting. Oh well, next time?

Rocky Mountain Park Bear Lake


I was recently commissioned to do another per portrait. I love painting pets ands great  part of the fun are all the photos folks send me to choose from. I try to select a photo that I think shows the pets personality best. What’s hard to get across to people is that sometimes a really cute photo will not make a good portrait, it’s just a cute photo. 🙂

So meet Rusty. He’s adorable and loves his tuna cans. He also has a great big tail he swishes through the air. He was a lot of fun to paint for sure!  I admit that the position this photo was taken of him had him at a difficult angle to paint with proper perspective. I employed the grid method to sketch him on the canvas. It took me three tries to get it right but I’m in love with the result. I think my clients are too.

Portland Pooches update

Portland Oregon Dogs Oil PaintingToday I painted the first part of the undertones of my Portland Pooches project.  If you remember from last week, this is a 24″ x 24″ square painting.  I snapped this photo using my iPhone last Fall when we were traveling in Oregon. This was an early morning scene in one of the charming restaurant alleys you find in Downtown Portland.  I believe this is somewhere near VooDoo Donuts.

My goal today was to start painting undertones with the intent of darkening many of the areas with more paint layers next week.  The painting compadres (other folks in my class) said they liked the transparency of the sidewalk areas and I should consider keeping those in the final product. Rick, our instructor, said he agreed and it’s almost like a watercolor done with oils.

I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I will take it into consideration for sure. Meanwhile, I feel like I’ve made good progress on this.  I left it at the studio to dry this week and will work on it again next Thursday in class.