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Hey! Don’t steal my art! (yes you, right-clickers and screen-shot-ers)

Have you ever seen a really beautiful photo on a web page or even in Instagram?  Have you right-clicked to save that image or taken a screen shot?  Did you know that what you just did is theft?  I know, that sounds harsh, but the truth is, you just took money out of the pocket from the person who created that image, especially if that person makes their living creating art and images.

Social media has been a great tool for artists to gain exposure to a world-wide audience. But this has come at a price, and most of it is just innocent and a lack of understanding of intellectual property rights. Most people just copy for “personal consumption,” meaning they save the image as a screen background or to look at in their own home. That is okay, until you use that image on your own webpage, facebook page or in any way that could be deemed “advertising.”  And if you make a print of that image yourself, rather than buying it from the person who created the image, well, that’s not cool either.

UpWork has a great article that talks about licensing rights when you are looking for content to use in your advertising in print and online.  You may have heard the term “Royalty Free Images.” This usually means that you can “use” the image a certain way for free. But read the fine print, you may be able to use it for personal consumption, but not for a commercial use.

If you are interested in some really great royalty free images, check out the New York Public Library Digital Collection. https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/

Most of us artists don’t mind if you share our images on your social media pages, in fact, we encourage this behavior!  But when you do, just make sure you tag or insert a link back to the artist so anyone else who is interested in the work can find it from the person who created it!

Exciting news! I’ve been accepted into the “Humanity” exhibit!

I’m super excited that “Cactus Love” has been accepted  in to the HUMANITY exhibit in at the DARKROOM @ Bin 46 in Downtown Longmont.  Special thanks to Kevin Brezler for encouraging me to enter this photo!

Exhibition Opens on Friday, June 9th and 6-9pm will be the artist reception.  Show runs through July 29th


DARKROOM is located @ Bin46 , 600 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, CO 80501 

All entries were juried by Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, Executive Juror and Award-Winning Documentary Photographer –  and Julie Cardinal, – Juror and Director/Curator – The DARKROOM @ Bin 46

Check out the gallery of entries below.  Woot!

Humanity Photography Contest

Mmmm… Macro Lens

In addition to being a painter, I was first a photographer for 3 decades.  I still love photography, and I recently acquired a new macro lens for my Olympus OM-D micro 4:3 camera. 

This lens is a Lumix G Macro 30/F2.8. The focal length is a fixed 30mm which is equivalent to 60mm for a standard camera.  

Enough geek-speak.  here are a couple of close up photos of my cat Addison.  Needless to say, she does not appreciate a camera lens 2 inches from her face.  I did get 3 usable photos though.

LAG Art Show & Sale at the Great Frame Up! Come vote for me!

Yep, shameless plug!  Tonight (Friday, March 10th) starting at 5pm at the Great Frame up at 430 Main Street in Longmont, the Longmont Artists’ Guild is having their annual show.  There will be a reception starting at 5pm with voting by public opinion for “Best in Show” as well as “Best 2D” and “Best Photography” ending by 7pm.

I entered 3 paintings and 3 photographs!  (because I just couldn’t decide!) . ALL ART IS FOR SALE!

Some com on down and give me a vote…er um… I mean vote for your favorite art!  There will be finger food, drinks and wine to purchase.

Hope to see you there!

Plein Air experience

We just got back from a quick few days up in Estes Park, Colorado.  We rented a cabin and spent our days in Rocky Mountain National park.  My husband, being a photographer, enjoys getting up before the sun and watching the sunrise in the park, hopefully with Elk nearby.

The morning we went, there were no elk nearby.  I used my pastels to start a few sunrise pieces, but he was wanting to drive around the park so I didn’t get very far with them.  But that’s OK.  🙂

Later in the morning, about 8:30am we reached Bear Lake parking lot and managed to get a parking space.  Anyone who has visited knows this is a hard thing to do, it’s a very popular hiking spot. After we walked around the lake once, I decided that I did want to paint a pastel here.  We went back to the car, got my gear and I set up in a nice alcove with a bench.  What happened next was so much fun!

I had forgotten how much people love to watch artists in the “wild.” My husband went to another alcove to play with his new filter thingy on his camera (you’ll see an example below). Once he left me alone, tons of people stopped by to talk to me and watch me.  A number of them took a photo of me painting!  WHOA? I even had someone ask if I had a collection of these scenes to purchase…. derp!  It’s only my second pastel ever!   You can see my ego inflating here… I also had a number of people offer to buy THIS painting.  Wow.  I need to be better prepared next time!

I think the most memorable moments were when small children came to see what I was doing.  They were all very well behaved and didn’t touch the paints (that look a lot like chalk). They were fascinated by what I was doing and even when the parents were walking away they lingered and watched until mom called them.  I love kids and art.  Some things are absolutely timeless.

So I have not finished the painting…yet.  I need to spray fix it before I can do the final touches.  Hubby did take one photo of me while painting at the lake using his cool filter that flattens out water by using a long exposure.  This is why I’m so dark and blurry.  Unfortunately, he didn’t get the angle that I was painting. Oh well, next time?

Rocky Mountain Park Bear Lake

Back from Vacation Central Coast of CA

Well, I’m back from vacation to the central coast of California.  This is where I grew up and I was actually back “home” for a high school reunion.  I had a wonderful time catching up with old friends while managing to get some sight seeing in. I haven’t quite figured out how to be a “traveling artist” yet. I always fall back on my old habit of taking photos. The next trip I have planned is in September; I do plan on bringing art supplies on this trip (it’s pretty local) and see what happens when I paint in plein air.

I admit it’s a little hard to be a tourist in a place you know so well. But I think I did a good job of it this time. I took my nice camera with me (olympus micro 2/3) and snapped a few pretty photos.  I’m not sure I’ll paint any of them, but here’s a little peek at my favorites.