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Catching Up!

A gift from Grandma Lee who painted my kitty Prissy in 1983.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. I feel bad that I fell off my 52card PU art. At this point in the year, I think I will just start planning to start again next year!

Coming up on October 19th, I’ll be the featured artist for Arts & Ales at Lefthand Brewing  from 6-8pm here in Longmont. I’ll have some of my pet portraits, greeting cards and other art available for purchase and I will be revealing my KITTY FACE 20×20 painting! Stop on by! I’d love to talk art with you while sipping a yummy beer from LeftHand!

I’ve been busy this summer working with the Longmont Artists’ Guild working at the Boulder County Fair where we were in charge of the art contest there, the Lyon’s Art on the River event at the end of August, Longmont ArtWalk in mid-September.

I’ve also been working with Lisa Larsen on our GYST (Get your S**T Together) workshops for creatives.  It’s been good for me to work on my own art business while coaching others to do the same! This project is in it’s infancy, but we both know it will grow and become something much bigger!  We’re looking for late 2018 early 2019. 

I’ve also been busy with my digital media business. I work for a real estate team doing their newsletter, website, social media and other marketing tasks.  I’ve been growing this business in the last month. Which is good, but leaves a little less time for art.

I’ve recently updated my “About Me” page which is a bio/artist statement about why I create. Check it out here! In case you didn’t already know, my mother and grandmother were oil painters too! Mom was more into landscapes and barns, while Grandma did landscapes, portraits, still life and animals! The picture above was a gift from her to me in 1983. It’s a portrait of my kitty Prissy.

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support you give me. Because of you, I can create and that means everything to me.

Boulder County Home & Outdoor Living Show

I am honored to be one of the participating artists in this year’s Boulder County Home & Outdoor Living Show at the Boulder County fairgrounds March 24, 25 & 26.

I will be displaying and selling my oil paintings, giclee prints, greeting cards, mini-pet portraits & more!

Stop on by our booth which is sponsored by Left Hand Artists Group for some great giveaways!

Boulder County Home & Outdoor Living Show

LHAG Label Show Bookmarks

This week I was hanging with my pal Meg just “doin’ some art” and I came up with the idea of making book marks from the beer labels I received from Left Hand Brewing for their annual Beer Label Art Auction event at the end of January (details will follow when announced).

I tore up a bunch of the beer labels and glued them to a piece of heavy duty water color paper.  Then I cut them up, and taped the edges with decorative tape and attached tassels.  I really like these!  So much I’m keeping one for myself for sure!

LHAG Beer Label Art Auction

LHAG – Lefthand Artist Group Beer Label Art Auction Event

Whoa!  The holidays got away from me! Sorry it’s been 3 weeks since I did a post.  Oops.

What’s going on now:

I am now solo in my studio/gallery space downtown.  My friend Meg was not able to continue the partnership, but that’s okay! I still have some of her wonderful mosaic multimedia art pieces for sale. I will be changing the name to “Jill’s Impressions” later this week.

I’ve been working on more “Cat Eyes” (previously known as “mini-cats”) series. These are 5″ or 4″ square miniature paintings displayed on a mini easel. I am happy to do a custom painting of your pet as well!  They sell for $25 or $30 shipped.

I’ve been busy working for LAG (Longmont Artists’ Guild) keeping up with all of the events, managing the website, social media and newsletter. I am now going to be in charge of our latest venue at the Old Town Marketplace starting in January 2017.  I figured it was easy for me to manage since this is where my studio is.  LAG artists will be featured in the main lobby starting the 2nd Friday of each month. (2nd Friday’s are Longmont’s Art Walk events all year around.)

I’m also a member of LHAG (Left Hand Artist Group) and we are holding an art auction on January 28th at LeftHand Brewing here in Longmont (supporting the Left Hand Brewing Foundation.)  The art is created with and inspired by breweries, brewing and beer labels. Below is my submission for the auction.  I will share details about the event when they are published publicly.  I’m super excited about this event, and not just because there will be free beer….

Lefthand Brewing Beer Label Art

Lefthand Brewing Beer Label Art. Acrylic painting with beer label collage, bottle caps and a sticker.