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LAG Member Show! Boulder County Fairgrounds

I’m super excited to be participating in the LAG member show this weekend at the Boulder County Fairgrounds!  If you’re at the farmer’s market here in Longmont on Saturday, pop on in and check out all the beautiful art!  There’s also a gift shop and handmade jewelry, greeting cards and more!

We’re open:

Thursday (today) 1-6pm

Friday 10-8pm with an artist reception from 6-8pm

Saturday from 10-6pm (I’m doing an art demo from 3-4:30!)

Sunday from 10am-4pm

Week 16 – 52 Card Pick Up Art

Orange. Why did I paint an Orange?  Because I’m going to be traveling to “Orange” California this weekend to spend time with friends who have recently moved there.  For a spontaneous piece, with no subject to study, I think this came out okay.  Looking at the photo of it now, I suppose I would add the stem, a leaf or maybe even partially peel the orange.  These are all great ideas for a future still life painting. Meanwhile, just a round orange looking object is what I  have.

I also did work on another piggy painting.  He’s almost done…I just have to let the background dry before I do the final layer for the hair.  I had to double check that pigs have “hair” and not “fur.”  Like horses, who have “hair,” pigs have “hair” as well.  Either way, it’s almost done and I will post it next week!

“Orange” Oil on primed playing card.

Welcome to my new and improved website!

Hello World!  Welcome to my new website and blog!  I’m excited that I’ve learned WordPress well enough to manage my own website.  Which is a good thing since I do marketing and multimedia for a living! (www.TheRedDoorGroup.com)

I’ve been a photographer ever since I was old enough to hold a camera.  The good old 110 and instamatics were the first camera’s my parents let me use.  I was on the yearbook staff in Jr. High and was able to use the 35mm camera the school owned.  Fully manual camera where we learned how to load our own film into canisters, remove the film, process it and make our own prints.  Black and white only of course!

Then for my 8th grade graduation, I was given my very own DISC camera.  This was very exciting indeed!


What struck me the most was the freedom I felt with my very own camera in hand. Ah the joy!

Over the years I’ve owned many cameras. I moved to fully digital cameras in 2001. Yes, I was an early adopter.  I even worked as a real estate photographer where I drove around to houses taking photos of the outside and uploading them to the people I worked for.  High tech with my 1.5 megapixel camera.  Now my iPhone takes better pictures than that camera did!

I also started learning digital media in the late 1990’s. I learned Photoshop and Illustrator both Adobe products. I still use both today for work and leisure. I will admit though, I love Instagram’s filters!

A little over a year ago, I finally decided to try painting.  I took a couple of classes through the local community center and I fell in love.  Now I take photographs purely with the idea of painting the image later. I have morphed from photographer to painter.

Thanks for listening. See you next post!