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Week 20 – 52 Card PU Art

After this card, I’ll be caught up on my weekly card paintings.  Well, actually, I have one more to do for this week, but I’ll post that on Saturday!  This card is inspired by the bag of cherries I was eating while painting a new mini-pet painting (still working on it). Cherries are interesting to paint.  They are such a deep red/purple/blue color.  I also had a pretty intense lamp pointing on my canvas, so the lighting is dramatic. I painted this in acrylic, which I’m still learning to paint with.  I showed this card to a friend of mine and she said it looked like a rotting apple with a worm coming out of it.  I love my friends. 🙂   It is supposed to be a cherry with a stem; although rotting apples would make an interesting painting I’m sure.


52 card Pick Up Art

One of the art projects that I wanted to start this year, it’s a project called “52 card pickup art.” The idea behind this project is to do one painting a week each week of the year. My thought was; since there are 52 cards in a deck of cards, why not use them as my canvas?

I prepped the 52 cards by painting the backs with the primer. And now I have my project ready to go! The only problem I ran into was having the flu for the first week of the year so I missed starting my project on time.

But here we are in the third week of January and I am finally caught up with the beginning of my project. Below is a photo of my three cards that I started with. The first card is a portrait of a dragonfly. I started off this card by using pastel pencil directly on the primer. Well, that didn’t work! So I sealed the card and painted over my crummy pastel pencil painting with acrylic. That seemed to work out better! The point of this project is to experiment with different mediums and how to make them work on different surfaces so I am OK with mistakes.

My second week is a dandelion blowing in the breeze. This one I just did straight acrylic onto the primed surface.  I really like this one!

For the third week I just did a simple design. I just think it’s fun using different mediums and different services. This one is also acrylic paint. Maybe next week I will try to oils, but I’m not sure.