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Original oil paintings by Jill Rumley

Christmas Commissions #2

Over the Christmas holidays, I was given the honor of painting a number of Pet Portraits as commissioned pieces given as gifts.  Here is the second titled “Golden”  5×5″ Oil on canvas board.

Christmas Pet Commissions #1

Over the Christmas holidays, I was given the honor of painting a number of Pet Portraits as commissioned pieces given as gifts.  Here is the first titled Puppy  5×5″ Oil on canvas board.

Hey! Don’t steal my art! (yes you, right-clickers and screen-shot-ers)

Have you ever seen a really beautiful photo on a web page or even in Instagram?  Have you right-clicked to save that image or taken a screen shot?  Did you know that what you just did is theft?  I know, that sounds harsh, but the truth is, you just took money out of the pocket from the person who created that image, especially if that person makes their living creating art and images.

Social media has been a great tool for artists to gain exposure to a world-wide audience. But this has come at a price, and most of it is just innocent and a lack of understanding of intellectual property rights. Most people just copy for “personal consumption,” meaning they save the image as a screen background or to look at in their own home. That is okay, until you use that image on your own webpage, facebook page or in any way that could be deemed “advertising.”  And if you make a print of that image yourself, rather than buying it from the person who created the image, well, that’s not cool either.

UpWork has a great article that talks about licensing rights when you are looking for content to use in your advertising in print and online.  You may have heard the term “Royalty Free Images.” This usually means that you can “use” the image a certain way for free. But read the fine print, you may be able to use it for personal consumption, but not for a commercial use.

If you are interested in some really great royalty free images, check out the New York Public Library Digital Collection. https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/

Most of us artists don’t mind if you share our images on your social media pages, in fact, we encourage this behavior!  But when you do, just make sure you tag or insert a link back to the artist so anyone else who is interested in the work can find it from the person who created it!

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new video series where I give a peek into my working art studio!  This week I’m sharing a project I did at a Play-shop with Janet Strickler.  These “junk journals” are made from 100% recycled materials.  I am a huge fan of recycling and reusing materials.  This is why when you receive a  shipment from me, you’ll most likely see re-used materials in it.  

If you’d like to make your own, here is a link to a process that is similar to what I learned this weekend: Recycled Mini Notebook

Catching Up!

A gift from Grandma Lee who painted my kitty Prissy in 1983.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a blog post. I feel bad that I fell off my 52card PU art. At this point in the year, I think I will just start planning to start again next year!

Coming up on October 19th, I’ll be the featured artist for Arts & Ales at Lefthand Brewing  from 6-8pm here in Longmont. I’ll have some of my pet portraits, greeting cards and other art available for purchase and I will be revealing my KITTY FACE 20×20 painting! Stop on by! I’d love to talk art with you while sipping a yummy beer from LeftHand!

I’ve been busy this summer working with the Longmont Artists’ Guild working at the Boulder County Fair where we were in charge of the art contest there, the Lyon’s Art on the River event at the end of August, Longmont ArtWalk in mid-September.

I’ve also been working with Lisa Larsen on our GYST (Get your S**T Together) workshops for creatives.  It’s been good for me to work on my own art business while coaching others to do the same! This project is in it’s infancy, but we both know it will grow and become something much bigger!  We’re looking for late 2018 early 2019. 

I’ve also been busy with my digital media business. I work for a real estate team doing their newsletter, website, social media and other marketing tasks.  I’ve been growing this business in the last month. Which is good, but leaves a little less time for art.

I’ve recently updated my “About Me” page which is a bio/artist statement about why I create. Check it out here! In case you didn’t already know, my mother and grandmother were oil painters too! Mom was more into landscapes and barns, while Grandma did landscapes, portraits, still life and animals! The picture above was a gift from her to me in 1983. It’s a portrait of my kitty Prissy.

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous support you give me. Because of you, I can create and that means everything to me.

Send a Text to SFMOMA and They’ll Text You Back an Artwork

You can explore SFMOMA’s collection now with the ease of a text, though you don’t always know what you’re going to get.

I found this fun tip on a article by Claire Voon at Hyperallergic.com (read full article here) and tried it out for myself!  All you need to do is send a text to SFMOMA at 572-51 and put in the message: send me _______.  You can put in  any keywords, from a color to a subject, and even a mood. You may even text it an emoji and they will send you a photo from their collection.  It’s AMAZING.

Of course when I tried it, I put in a cat emoji and they sent me a photo by Henry Wessel with a cat in it!  WOW!  I can spend all day doing this…….


Art Shows this Summer!

Today I spent the afternoon preparing images of my paintings for entry into art shows this summer.  It’s a lot of work to properly photograph (or scan) your images in a high quality format. Then you must edit your images to the size and format (ppi) that the exhibitor (or the website that handles the entry) wants.  Luckily, that’s one of the services I provide, so I know what I’m doing!

I entered 3 shows this afternoon:

Gone to the Dogs 7 – Which is put on by Niza Knoll Gallery at 915 Santa Fe Drive,  Denver.   I entered my “Portland Pooches” painting and my “Sunny Day Lunch” painting. The show runs from August 4th through September 16th.  I will hear back from them by next week if I made it in. 

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Louisville Art Association National Fine Art & Photography Show & Sale –  801 Grant Ave, Louisville, CO. www.louisvilleart.org 
I entered my “I’m Feeling Koi,” “Lonely Fox,” and “Hunter’s Lunch.” The show runs from September 1st through September 10th.

Boulder County Fair – Boulder County Fairgrounds at 9595 Nelson Rd., Longmont, CO. This is not a “juried” show, meaning everyone who enters, gets in! The fair runs from July 29th through August 7th. I entered my “Piggy Toes,” “Blue Ribbon Rooster,” and “Garden Bunny.” All artwork is for sale by contacting the artist directly. Free Admission! http://www.bouldercountyfair.org/


Daily Doodle – Addison wants a brushing

One of the things about being a cat owner, is the daily routine your beloved cat insists on. Addison’s favorite thing is to be brushed. We have this wonderful morning routine where I get up out of bed, do my morning thing, come downstairs, wash her food bowl, add wet food and fresh dry food, and give her four treats. She will eat her treats and nibble on her wet food while I make my 1st cup of coffee. Once she hears the coffee machine finish, she will “bury” her wet food to save it for later. Then she runs and jumps up on the ottoman which is the designated spot for the “brushing.”

The brushing routine is quite elaborate. We must first brush from head to tail a number of times to prepare for the special cheek massage. Addison will sometimes be so excited about the cheek massage that she will start rubbing her face on the side of the ottoman.
This is typically only a morning routine, however Addison has taken to wanting an afternoon brushing as well. That’s a cat for you.
Today’s daily sketch doodle is of Addison waiting for me to brush her. She was not very happy that I was drawing instead of brushing! But I had enough time to get a short sketch in before she was aggravated.

Week 24 – 52 Card Pick Up Art

Mediocre chaos. That’s what I call this piece. As usual the political climate recently has made us all either very angry, cringing in fear, hiding under the bed with our arms over our head, or deciding to ignore the chaos and the mess. So I choose mediocre chaos. Nothing is black-and-white; everything is gray and very confusing. Not to mention a big ol’ mess. 

Week 23 – 52 Card Pick Up Art

Raspberries.  Fresh raspberries.  Summer is an amazing time of year when all of fresh fruits hit the markets.  I love to buy local fruits and veggies, and this week a friend of mine on the West Coast was talking about all of the fresh raspberries in her yard.  She posted some photos that were delicious! This inspired my card painting for this week.  It’s a raspberry bush.  Or at least my interpretation of one!

When we lived in Minnesota a few years back, our neighbors had berry bushes in their backyard.  We’d get the honor of harvesting the berries for them while they were on vacation.  Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  I remember one night the first summer we lived there.  They walked over from their back yard (we have no fences!) and invited us over for homemade ice cream and fresh raspberries.  What a wonderful treat! We had great neighbors in Minnesota.

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