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Christmas Pet Commissions #1

Over the Christmas holidays, I was given the honor of painting a number of Pet Portraits as commissioned pieces given as gifts.  Here is the first titled Puppy  5×5″ Oil on canvas board.

Hey! Don’t steal my art! (yes you, right-clickers and screen-shot-ers)

Have you ever seen a really beautiful photo on a web page or even in Instagram?  Have you right-clicked to save that image or taken a screen shot?  Did you know that what you just did is theft?  I know, that sounds harsh, but the truth is, you just took money out of the pocket from the person who created that image, especially if that person makes their living creating art and images.

Social media has been a great tool for artists to gain exposure to a world-wide audience. But this has come at a price, and most of it is just innocent and a lack of understanding of intellectual property rights. Most people just copy for “personal consumption,” meaning they save the image as a screen background or to look at in their own home. That is okay, until you use that image on your own webpage, facebook page or in any way that could be deemed “advertising.”  And if you make a print of that image yourself, rather than buying it from the person who created the image, well, that’s not cool either.

UpWork has a great article that talks about licensing rights when you are looking for content to use in your advertising in print and online.  You may have heard the term “Royalty Free Images.” This usually means that you can “use” the image a certain way for free. But read the fine print, you may be able to use it for personal consumption, but not for a commercial use.

If you are interested in some really great royalty free images, check out the New York Public Library Digital Collection. https://digitalcollections.nypl.org/

Most of us artists don’t mind if you share our images on your social media pages, in fact, we encourage this behavior!  But when you do, just make sure you tag or insert a link back to the artist so anyone else who is interested in the work can find it from the person who created it!

Week 15 – 52 Card Pick Up Art

No patience. That is how I’m feeling today. Last week we did Zentangles and doodles with the Longmont artist group member meeting. I drew a wonderful zentangle that day, but could not find inspiration the rest of the week. I attempted to draw one today however, and it turned out really crappy. But here it is and this is my drawing for last week. I will work on something better for this week, however i’m not really feeling all of that inspired today. And then to top it off I just found two of my old posts that were scheduled to post but didn’t post so there are three posts for today, technology!

Chocolate Cow



Oil painting, cow, artOne of my latest projects is a cow that lives across the street from me in the open space that is leased for free range farming. She is a beauty and very curious.  I snapped a photo of her on my iPhone one morning while walking by.  This is my first attempt at painting a cow. I’m not 100% done with her yet.  I have more work to do on her tail, but I think she is mostly complete.

I’ve also painted a Stellar’s Jay this week.  I will post a photo of him in a few days once I do just a little more work.

AND I have another Addison the Cat painting in the works as well.  Having my own studio has really been so great to motivate me to do more art work.  I’m loving what’s going on right now!

I think this week I’m going to be really working on my Lefthand artists beer label collage for the end of January.  This is a fun process, but sort of a secret, so you won’t be seeing any photos of this until it’s time for the auction.







Welcome to Truley’s!

My good friend Meg Truman and I have opened a Studio / Art Gallery at 332 Main Street in Longmont Colorado!   Stop by and see us! We’re sure to be open most afternoons and every 2nd Friday Art Walk in Longmont!


Some very exciting news coming soon….

I hate to be vague here, but I can’t quite spill the beans yet on my next project. All I can say is that I am moving my studio and I am very excited to be collaborating with my good friend Meg.

I know, vague. Bear with me.  My news will come next week!


I was recently commissioned to do another per portrait. I love painting pets ands great  part of the fun are all the photos folks send me to choose from. I try to select a photo that I think shows the pets personality best. What’s hard to get across to people is that sometimes a really cute photo will not make a good portrait, it’s just a cute photo. 🙂

So meet Rusty. He’s adorable and loves his tuna cans. He also has a great big tail he swishes through the air. He was a lot of fun to paint for sure!  I admit that the position this photo was taken of him had him at a difficult angle to paint with proper perspective. I employed the grid method to sketch him on the canvas. It took me three tries to get it right but I’m in love with the result. I think my clients are too.