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LAG Member Show! Boulder County Fairgrounds

I’m super excited to be participating in the LAG member show this weekend at the Boulder County Fairgrounds!  If you’re at the farmer’s market here in Longmont on Saturday, pop on in and check out all the beautiful art!  There’s also a gift shop and handmade jewelry, greeting cards and more!

We’re open:

Thursday (today) 1-6pm

Friday 10-8pm with an artist reception from 6-8pm

Saturday from 10-6pm (I’m doing an art demo from 3-4:30!)

Sunday from 10am-4pm

Week 22 – 52 Card PU Art

Okay, THIS is the card fro this week.  I am finally caught up now.  Whew!  I painted this card today after lunch.  I had canned tuna for lunch, so I thought I’d paint a tuna.  I’m not sure why I like to paint what I’m eating for lunch, but a doodle is a doodle and inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime.

Tuna are very large fish. The one I painted today is a yellowfin tuna.  I painted this in oils, so it was a bit more difficult to layer the colors because the paint will take a few days to dry and I didn’t have the patience to layer paint properly for my doodle.

After painting a number of these cards, in both oils and acrylics, I think the acrylics work better for a small quick painting like these are. Oils are richer in color and texture, but to do them right, you should layer the paints to reach full potential. Oils blend really well.  Acrylics on the other hand, dry almost as fast as you can apply them to the surface you’re painting on.  This is ideal for small paintings, in my opinion.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes over the next few weeks.  Almost to the half way point for this project!

Week 21 – 52 Card PU Art

T-Dawg. Teddie, the Chinese crested (with hair!) is my friend’s dog.  He’s a sweet boy, shy yet energetic when he’s with his people. My friend has commissioned a painted of T-Dawg  for her birthday, and I’m working on an 8×10 for her in oil.  In the meantime, I thought I would doodle a T-Dawg on a playing card.


Week 20 – 52 Card PU Art

After this card, I’ll be caught up on my weekly card paintings.  Well, actually, I have one more to do for this week, but I’ll post that on Saturday!  This card is inspired by the bag of cherries I was eating while painting a new mini-pet painting (still working on it). Cherries are interesting to paint.  They are such a deep red/purple/blue color.  I also had a pretty intense lamp pointing on my canvas, so the lighting is dramatic. I painted this in acrylic, which I’m still learning to paint with.  I showed this card to a friend of mine and she said it looked like a rotting apple with a worm coming out of it.  I love my friends. 🙂   It is supposed to be a cherry with a stem; although rotting apples would make an interesting painting I’m sure.


Week 19 – 52 Card PU Art

Still running behind in my “weekly” art, but here is another mini painting.  It’s a sunset, or a sunrise depending on your perspective. I’ve always been a fan of both sunrises and sunsets, although I admit I’ve seen a lot more sunsets!  

I’ve got a busy summer ahead of me.  Lots of art shows coming up and I’m really excited to be a part of them!  Next week, June 8th-11 will be the Longmont Artists’ Guild Member’s Show & Sale at the Boulder County Fairgrounds.  Over 40 artists will have their art displayed and for sale.  I’ll have a few of my favorite pieces there, Piggy Toes, Hunter’s Lunch, Chocolate Cow and Portland Pooches.  I will also have a bin with prints for sale as well.  I’ll post more photos next week after we set up the event!

Week 18 – 52 Card PU Art

New beginnings. It’s been four weeks since I haven’t had the motivation or the energy to create a new pick up card art. So I’m a few weeks behind, and I plan on making up the weeks as soon as I can!

I recently moved into a new studio space, here in Longmont. I’m very excited about this new opportunity and while my old studio was a great launching point, it was eventually not the right fit for me.

So this weeks card represents new life, new beginnings, new beauty, new art. The inspiration comes from my husband’s cousins family who raises monarch butterflies. They always share a photo when a new one hatches, so I choose one of these wonderful photos as my inspiration for this weeks pick up art. 

Tiny bottles ‘o liquor

Snow Day in May You Say? No problem! It’s a great way to spend the afternoon painting tiny liquor bottles into my painting.  There’s even a mini painting within this painting and a painting of bottles in there as well. Whew. 

I’ve been working on this painting from my trip to Ireland in 2009 for a few months now. People who have seen me paint know that I am a fast painter, usually done with my paintings in 3 sessions. This one, however, is a labor of love. And SO worth it! I still have a ways to go, but here’s a close up of the liquor bottles sitting in a window. Yes, I used a tiny brush! 

Day-Glo Tulips

I’m actually in the process of moving my studio to a new location. So getting my weekly pickup art done is more challenging. But I am still taking classes at Rick Stoners studio and the past couple of weeks have been drawing and still life. 

I’m trying really hard to learn pastel painting. To me it’s like drawing on a sidewalk with chalk. But I know that it’s all about patience, good paper and technique. This week’s painit was a pitcher full of cut tulips. I was really frustrated at first and almost gave up, but I pushed through and here is my result. Like most of my work, there is a strong contrast between the subject and the background. I guess that’s just how I roll!

Exciting news! I’ve been accepted into the “Humanity” exhibit!

I’m super excited that “Cactus Love” has been accepted  in to the HUMANITY exhibit in at the DARKROOM @ Bin 46 in Downtown Longmont.  Special thanks to Kevin Brezler for encouraging me to enter this photo!

Exhibition Opens on Friday, June 9th and 6-9pm will be the artist reception.  Show runs through July 29th


DARKROOM is located @ Bin46 , 600 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, CO 80501 

All entries were juried by Maureen Ruddy Burkhart, Executive Juror and Award-Winning Documentary Photographer –  and Julie Cardinal, – Juror and Director/Curator – The DARKROOM @ Bin 46

Check out the gallery of entries below.  Woot!

Humanity Photography Contest

Week 18 52 Card Pick Up Art

Still feeling unmotivated.  This week’s card is another “mood piece” where my overall mood seems to come into the work.  Dark, brooding and blue.  Yep, that’s how I’m feeling.  Come on Summer!  I need me some sunshine and warmer weather!

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